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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alberta Children's Martial Arts Program

Alberta Children's Martial Arts Program
Our Little Samurai Program is a step-by-step danger awareness program, Our Goal for your Child

Learn: Respect and Discipline; Confidence; Self-Defense; Fitness; and Re-activate: Respect; Focus and Motivation.

What will my child learn?
Your child will be learning 1 belt level each Semester, both in the dojo and at home. The skills taught in the dojo will be initialed by the instructor teaching your child when they are first taught the skill. A second initial will be given by one of our Instructors when your child is able to perform the skill with little or no prompting.

Skills to be learned at home are indicated with a spot for you to initial. These are skills that cannot be taught in the dojo or require additional parental involvement. When an instructor sees that you have initialed a skill, they will ask your child to explain it back to them from time to time, at which point they will add their initials as well.

Martial arts for life will make your child more focused. They will have increased concentration through traditional ranking system of earning belts and stripes, they will learn they have the ability of setting achievable goal. These goal will follow them through life and improve their academics at school.

Children will learn Dojo Skills and Drills with our all new obstacle course. The obstacle course will improve confidence, agility and martial arts skills.

At the beginning and end of each class there is quiet time before the children bow in and out of class much like the traditional way of bowing in Japanese Ju-Jitsu.
Will my child get to have fun?
All of kids programs will include Dojo Games. Some of the games are Ju-Jitsu Dodge Ball; Little Samurai Run and Freeze Shadow Boxing.

What happens when the semester ends?
At the end of each semester every child in our program will be promoted to the next level, when all the skills are signed off. The last few classes are spent reviewing these skills under the observation of a Black Belt instructor, and end with a celebration and presentation of their new belts.

About our Instructors
Sensei Kevin D. Lintott is the Chief Instructor of Goshin Martial Arts. All GMA instructors have been taught and ranked by Sensei Kevin and must be licensed to teach any of the programs.

Sensei Malcolm Bale is the Head Instructors for the Calgary and Sensei Kevin D. Lintott is the Instructor for Grande Prairie Little Samurai program, and will be signing the skills listed in your child’s book.

Assisting Instructors will vary from class to class, but both our Black Belt and Colour Belt instructors have been educated in the teaching of our program and ensure that your child’s safety is at the forefront.

GMA Black Belt System for Success

Set a Goal
Take Action
Pay Attention to Detail
Change what is Not working
Practice, Practice, Practice
Leeds to Mastery of Martial Arts and Life

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